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The Leopard King's Mustika Ring


The Leopard King’s Mustika Ring




The Leopard King’s Mustika Ring  is a Java Relic Elder’s chosen gem that specializes in high-level spiritual energy. This mustika also has the khodam of the Leopard king who is feared and respected by the genie and other khodam. This gemstone can be said to be a multi-functional mustika that will make it easier for you to achieve what you want at this time. Anyone who wears this mustika ring will look dashing and dignified.

The benefits of The Leopard King’s Mustika Ring:
This ring will make the owner have a high authority, appear charming and enchanting, awaken the power of mercy of a high-level king, the power of influence over anyone, the heart of the wider community, open the aura of youth, awaken the supernatural brother in oneself, strengthen personal spiritual energy, bring khodam tiger reinforcements as a positive helper and as a powerful talisman to repel reinforcements of the perfect level and all the energy in this tiger striped mustika stone is of high level, anti witchcraft, teluh, witchcraft, magic, black magic, gendam.

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Weight 800 g


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