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The Spirit Of Nyai Roro Mendut


The Spirit Of Nyai Roro Mendut




Melting the hearts of the opposite sex
Making speech / words / claims diturti others
Makes you authoritative far more than before
Increase the power of sex
Increase the power of sexuality
Improve sense of sex / sharp instincts about sex
Able to give impressive ideas to make couples aroused and satisfied
Stimulate and increase libido
Aji is strong sex arya intercourse
Strong African catfish sex test
Can conquer a woman’s heart in quick time
For those of you who like the night world will be fast in your friends to sleep
If it is used, then the woman you are aiming for will be aroused violently, her vagina will throb asking you to have sex
It’s easy to hook the spa plus massage guide or night ladies
Body fence / personal safety / magic fence protective magical attack
Submitting people who have insulted you, will bend your knees and surrender to you

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Weight 1000 g


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