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Paranormal Services Cure Schizophrenia Disorder

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Paranormal Services Cure Schizophrenia Disorder

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Schizophrenia or hallucinations is a mental disorder that generally appears in late adolescence (early adulthood). However, it can also appear at any time in human life, because this disorder is one of the types of brain disease that can be experienced by anyone. People who have schizophrenia may hear voices that are not there (hallucinations), as well as experience many disorders such as: delusions, lack of conviction, confusion, agitation, closed social relationships, psychosis, and several other strange behaviors.

Many people do not understand about this disorder or disease Schizophrenia, so they think that people who have this disorder are crazy, because they also like to do things that are not natural. What you need to know is, Schizophrenia disorder is not a mental disorder, it’s just that there are some disorders in the brain, and to treat it you don’t even have to go to a mental hospital. It is true that people with this disorder can sit still for hours and like to do strange things, but that’s not because they are crazy, but because part of their brain can’t work properly.
Symptoms of Schizophrenic Disorder

This disorder is very dangerous and detrimental to anyone, both the sufferer, his family and the environment. How not, sufferers can do embarrassing, destructive and disturbing acts, so if you or your relatives experience this disorder, immediately find a solution. Here are the symptoms and signs:

Delusions – Lack of self-confidence due to the trauma experienced, and having feelings that he is very guilty about what he did. He feels himself worthless and is always thinking how to act better, he may act too cautiously and even take no action at all to deal with certain situations.
Hallucinations – Hearing voices, even though no one is calling or talking to them. Feeling spoken to by his girlfriend, feeling like seeing spirits etc. even though it was just a hallucination.
Impaired thinking – The person may jump from one discussion to another without any connection issues, or likes to talk from one topic to another that has nothing to do with it.
Lack of motivation (avolition) – The person loses the confidence to be enthusiastic during activities.
Poor expression of emotions – Responses to happy or sad situations may be lacking, or inappropriate.
Poor social relations – A patient with Schizophrenia often refrains from gathering because he believes that someone will do things to hurt him if he hangs out with their friends or relatives.
Difficulty in thinking – the ability to concentrate, remember things and organize oneself will be very difficult.
Causes of Schizophrenia Disorder

There is no convincing data regarding the causes of neurotransmitter imbalance. But based on the facts, someone who has a history of descent from people with schizophrenia will have a great risk of experiencing this disorder. In addition, the problem of infection in the baby in the womb or during childbirth can also be a possible cause of Schizophrenia. Severe and prolonged stress experienced by a person can also be a triggering factor for Schizophrenia, such as unfulfilled desires or goals, sadness that is too deep or continuous, heavy pressure, or prolonged conflict.

Feelings of tension, difficulty sleeping, experiencing concentration problems, both difficulty concentrating and difficulty shifting concentration, isolating and withdrawing, an unsettled and protracted mood, can also be a trigger for Schizophrenia if someone who is experiencing it does not immediately get out of the condition. -the condition.
Healing Schizophrenia Disorder

Basically every disease must have a cure, this has been explained in one of the hadith narrated by Ahmad no.17988 which means:

“Indeed, Allah has not sent down a disease, except that He has also sent down a cure, known (to be understood) by those who know it, and which some people do not understand.”

In addition to medical treatment, you are also recommended to do spiritual (non-medical) treatment. One of the spiritual treatments that you can use is the Services for Healing Schizophrenia Disorders.


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