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Couple Binding Genie


Couple Binding Genie




Inside this item resides a genie that can help you in overcoming love problems such as:
1. Bind the loyalty of your partner / lover or your partner is getting more loyal
2. Increase self-confidence is good Your brave soul will increase sharply
3. Reconciling family members or the household is getting more harmonious and peaceful
4. The household harmony you want will be realized, harmonious, and romantic and intact
5. Make it easy for new acquaintances, which makes it easy for you to get new acquaintances
6. Exudes natural charm, so you look different and easily accepted wherever you are
7. Opening the aura of beauty / good looks you will look more beautiful / handsome
8. Launch a mate and become a means of making it easier to get and bring in a mate
9. Prevent infidelity, so that your partner is more loyal to you
10. Bringing out your charisma has a natural charisma and without people knowing your handle
11. Showing your authority will be respected and respected by anyone you meet
12. Attract the hearts of partners / opposite sex, as well as Binding Couples Genie
13. Increase the allure of your partner’s love
There are no side effects in its use
If you buy this genie, I will give you instructions when the package arrives

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Weight 1000 g


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