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Magic Talisman “Deer Skin”


Magic Talisman “Deer Skin”


The Benefits Of this Magic Talisman “Deer Skin” Charm Are:

Energy from this talisman to charm through speech.
This fetish causes a woman’s heart / man to feel like communicating with you.
This amulet energy has an appeal through gait, good actions, and good speech.
This amulet energy, has a high aura of compassion.
Loved and loved by the community.
Respected and loved by superiors or subordinates.
You will find more female / male smiles.
More women / men pay attention to you.
You are more sexually attractive.
It’s easier to make an appointment.
Improve household relations in a more harmonious way.
Increase self-confidence so people will admire you.



This Magic Talisman“Deer Skin” is a kind of amulet made from selected deer skin. The dead one is very old. The manufacturing process takes a long time. It requires special rituals and energy transfer into the deer’s skin. it is done by our spiritual teacher who has expertise in the high spiritual level. This skin serves as a cover. This ancient amulet has been empowered for thousands of years from generation to generation, from spiritual teachers to future generations.

This miraculous power, generally has an outer property that is biased, for example, a means to attract the opposite sex, radiate charm and a positive aura, provide a sense of relaxation, comfort and a feeling of happiness for the guard. This amulet is one of the handles of inner means. Besides that the material is   love. There is no negative effect for you because all of this comes from positive power,
This ancient magic, has a gentle and natural nature. He also has a way of working through natural energy. Which one, something you believe will soon be realized. This magic charm is very easy to carry and put anywhere.


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will remain the same as described above.

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Weight 50 g


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