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Amulet Recobanteng Ring


Amulet Recobanteng Ring




Recobanteng is a sacred place and full of magical values. Which are in the area of Mojokerto, East Java. Enter the Majapahit kingdom’s cultural heritage area. You will find a building that is very shady because of a long, large tree. This place is believed by the people of Mojokerto to be a famous petilasan of the Majapahit king, Raja Hayamwuruk.

In the heyday of King Hayammuruk, Majapahit Kingdom was very famous and prosperous for its people. The Majapahit Kingdom was famous until the archipelago. From here the people of East Java often come to Recobanteng. to explore the magical value found in this place. said Recobanteng because in the Dutch era this place once had a bull statue and is now in the Netherlands. Carried by the Dutch colonial era.

The spiritual energy within this place was so strong that our spiritual teacher held a ritual to get a recobanteng ring. This ring is suitable for those of you who need protection from nuisance people. The energy in this ring is very positive so there are no side effects in using it.

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