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Goddess Of Fortune


Goddess Of Fortune




I got this statue from a cave in the southern region of the pantae region. There is a cave in China. That is the name given by the local community. when meditating my hand was pointing at the cave. and as if there was a strong energy pulling me to go to the cave. and the instructions said that in this land a statue that had long been occupied by gologan jin was hidden. after I told my students to dig and it turned out that there was indeed a statue that had strong and positive strength. I don’t know how long he was buried in the ground, whose strength was very strong and positive. stones that have crystallized indicate this stone is old.

I will include the name of the genie at the time of packaging. And the instructions you have to do to read a little spell from me. so that the jinn in the statue can work perfectly according to your instructions.

Some direct virtues of this magickal stone are:
• Improves your financial status.
• Acts like a wealth magnet; attracting wealth events from the most unexpected sources.
• Brings you abundance, and sees that all your daily needs are fulfilled.
• Brings you prosperity and grandeur.
• Brings you good luck and eases your path to success.
• Ensures success in all your endeavors.
• Helps you develop and advance your business and career.
• Ensures that your business has a steady and rising customer base and profits.
• Helps you find your best match and soul mate.
• Brings happiness and contentment to all your existing relationships.
• Helps you pay off debt, as well as excellent assists in collecting loaned money.
• Eases life matters and resolves both day to day and occasional issues.
• Makes others around you feel compassionate, loving and caring towards you.
• At the same time harmonizing your inner energies to make you feel the same.
• Makes your presence more authoritative and respectful.
• Improves peoples ’perception of you; helping you make better impressions and appear more desirable and loveable, etc.
• Protects against any and all physical harms, accidents or mishaps of all nature.
• Provides extremely powerful personal protection from black magic attacks, witchcraft, witchcrafts, etc.
• Ensures personal spiritual and psychic development.

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Weight 4000 g


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