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Mustika Stone “Bajang Ratu”

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Mustika Stone “Bajang Ratu”

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The benefits of this Magic Stone are:

Emit positive energy to your face.
Makes you look younger than before.
If you are a woman, you will look more beautiful and graceful.
If you are a man, you will be more handsome and charming.
Positive energy will make the people you like kneel before you and do what you want.
towards success in career and romance.



Mustika Stone “Bajang Ratu” has positive energy that will make people around you love you. This Mustika Stone, we found in the Bajang Ratu temple that used to be the royal Majapahit.candi area, is one of the relics of the royal era “maja bitter” in Indonesia, this temple, one of which is believed by locals as a sacred place. This temple has Magical Energy which is very strong because our Spiritual Teacher said that there was a Mustika Stone, which had very strong energy. From the results of fasting and ritual we managed to attract this Mustika from the unseen world to the real world.

The Magic Power of this Mustika, is very suitable for those of you who need attraction to the opposite sex. You don’t need to be afraid of the negative effects of Mustika, Because we have neutralized all the evil influences on this Mustika. This magical stone is very easy to carry anywhere. ring.


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Weight 30 g


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